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September 2021 campaign update

Sunday 12 September 2021

FOHRK has had a remarkable two months. From a standing start at the launch of our crowdfunding campaign on 1st July, generous donors have raised no less than £13,850, 55% of our campaign target of £25,000.

We hoped the plans to return the Roman kiln to Highgate Wood and create an inclusive learning programme around its conservation and exhibition would be popular but we did not anticipate the extent of enthusiasm we would find!

Catherine West, our patrons Claire Skinner and Hugh Dennis and all of us in FOHRK are hugely grateful to those who have contributed so much.  The campaign’s success has already allowed us to begin turning some of our plans to reality.


But, 55% of a target achieved is not 100% of a target achieved. We need to find that extra £11,150….


Just Giving:

BACS: Friends of Highgate Roman Kiln, CAFBANK, Sort code 40-52-40  Account 00031173

Cheque: Payable to Friends of Highgate Roman Kiln (FOHRK). Please send to: FOHRK, 35 Ulleswater Road, London N14 7BL.

West Stow Anglo-Saxon village: a trip back to 500 AD

Sunday 5 September 2021

We were delighted earlier this year to receive a most generous donation to our crowdfunding campaign from Rosie Boughton.

Rosie gave the money in memory of her friend, Jess Davies, with whom she worked as a member of the West Stow Environmental Archaeology Group between 1973 and 1979.

Nick Peacey, FOHRK secretary, visited the West Stow Anglo-Saxon village last week and found an exciting testament to the experimental archaeology needed to recreate huts more or less on the sites where the originals were excavated.

West Stow is a great place to stop if you are heading for Norfolk from London. 

FOHRK trustees have agreed that Rosie's donation will spent on experimental archaeology related to the Highgate Roman Kiln. 

Come Zooming with us 8pm - 9pm on Monday 26th July

Thursday 22 July 2021

At 8pm on Monday 26thJuly please join the Zoom webinar Fire, water, wood and clay: technologies for Roman Britain, for our times and for the future. FOHRK Trustees Charlie Andrew and Nick Peacey will talk about experiments with replica Roman kiln-building, and how they have engaged and inspired young people as well as our current work with schools, face-to-face and online. Then our partner Duncan Hooson, of Clayground Collective and Central St. Martins, will introduce the remarkable campaigner Carolina Rubio-Wright from Brooklyn, New York.

Carolina is a human rights lawyer and artist who uses arts activities, particularly clay and ceramics, as opportunities to make 'invisible' groups, such as the very poor and Mexican immigrants, 'visible' and empower them to understand their rights and  fight for them . You can see her and her project here:

For the link, register with Nick Peacey, Secretary of FOHRK:

Our campaign fund tops £12,500, half the £25,000 target

Friday 16 July 2021

Recent donations, including most generous gifts from Nicky Gavron, environmental campaigner and former Deputy Mayor of London, and from Rosie Boughton have swept us over the half way point in our fund-raising. Today's total on the campaign page stands at £12,675.

In commending our work, Nicky has written 'What an exciting project! Bringing history home for all ages!'  Rosie explains that her donation is in memory of her friend Jess Davies with whom she worked on an experimental archaeology project at West Stow. An anonymous donor wrote three days ago, ' We used to love walking in the woods years ago and watching the kiln being excavated and it's thrilling that it's going to be restored and re-housed.'

We in FOHRK, with our partners, have always designed the plan to return the kiln to Highgate Wood as a project for the whole community. It is wonderful to see this ambition being realised. 


Kiln Walk & Talk event

Monday 12 July 2021

2pm Saturday 17th July

Walk & talk: How the Romans built ten kilns in Highgate Wood and how we built replica kilns to learn their methods. If you're interested in joining, contact

Fundraising appeal video

Saturday 3 July 2021

This Thursday saw the launch of our crowdfunding appeal to bring the kiln home. Find out more (and how to help) in our video.

The Ham and High welcomes our crowdfunding launch!

Wednesday 30 June 2021

Hampstead and Highgate's local paper gives a warm welcome to the launch of our crowdfunding programme on 1st July. 

The Classical Association sponsors FOHRK's Great Roman Online Pottery Challenge

Saturday 12 June 2021

We are delighted to announce that the Classical Association has sponsored FOHRK's Great Roman Online Pottery Challenge most generously, making it possible for us to run the programme in full, and giving us every chance of being able to make the project available to schools and communities across the UK, after its piloting as a  North London initiative.    

Launching on the 1st July 2021: The Great Roman Online Pottery Challenge

Saturday 12 June 2021

Launching on the 1st July 2021: The Great Roman Online Pottery Challenge

A two-phase, cross-disciplinary education project centred around the Roman archaeology in Highgate Wood, aimed at schools and community groups across North London, making extensive use of online technology.

We are determined that our activities will be accessible to, and engaging for, the widest possible range of people, including schools. We are working with partners to develop cross-curricular learning resources for different key stages, with a number of new curriculum materials covering history, visual arts, language and science. The recent Clay Club pilot project showed that there is great appetite for these learning programmes and resources. Greig City Academy Clay Club


The Great Roman Online Pottery Challenge

Phase 1 – online pottery class

To celebrate the launch of the FoHRK Crowdfunding campaign on 1st July 2021, a 60-minute online pottery masterclass will inform attendees about the Roman finds in Highgate Wood – the kilns (the science and the excavation, including using existing evidence to make deductions about Romano-British life) and the pottery (profiles, materials, uses and dispersal beyond the local area). The session will then guide the participants through the process of making a replica Roman Highgate-ware vessel in air-drying clay using tools and techniques available to Romano-British craftsmen. This synchronous event would be recorded and subsequently edited to form the basis of Phase 2 of this project. Holding the event online makes the event Covid-secure, and allows a greater number of participants from school and community groups. Members of FoHRK (all of whom are volunteers) will provide archaeological/historical materials and knowledge in the session. Duncan Hooson of Clayground Collective and Central St Martins will provide the technical pottery and clay-work knowledge.

Phase 2 – asynchronous class materials development & competition

The video from the online pottery class would be edited into an instructional video with supporting teacher and student materials. Schools could apply for a clay grant to run the session in their schools with no cost to the school. Schools will then submit their entries to a competition for the best effort. Although initially a local project, the asynchronous materials could be disseminated more widely (e.g. to KS2 students studying the Romans) and the approach replicated if successful. Trustee Charlie Andrew has links with schools throughout the country, as well as with various online content download platforms.

Claire Skinner and Hugh Dennis become patrons of FOHRK

Saturday 17 April 2021

We are delighted to welcome Claire Skinner and Hugh Dennis as the first patrons of the Friends

of Highgate Roman Kiln. The support of the stars of 'Outnumbered' and many other successful

shows is a huge boost to our campaign to bring the kiln back to Highgate Wood.